5 Best Bahamas Cruises

One of the most common destinations for tourists who are looking to kick back and enjoy relaxing and calm beaches is the Bahamas; a place where many of the cruise lines steer their ships toward and the visitors can engage in water-based activities such as water skiing and snorkeling.

Its principal cultural and economical hubs are the following: Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and is the center of all the islands’ industry, commerce and communications. Likewise, Freeport is the Bahamas’ fourth-largest island and is second only to Nassau in popularity.

Here are the best 5 cruises with destination to the Bahamas:

Disney Dream Cruise
This is a cruise that’s primarily designed for families that are looking to enjoy a very high quality and kids-friendly trip. And Disney is rightfully a respected brand in those regards, so this will surely be a wise investment. This vessel can occupy around 2,500 passengers and features very subtle innovations that manage to put this cruise over the mark.

For instance, take the creation of the interactive MagicPlay Floors, which are located in every cabin and can be used to call other passengers, as well as receive messages from the youth staff.They also function as a social network for kids to use on the ship.

There are lots of activities always surrounding every guest, with even a sports packed deck with mini-golf. With every walk on the ship you get the sense of a Mickey omnipotent figure in every corner. This is part of the always inclusive Disney work, looking to remind every kid and adult to have a great adventure aboard.

Playful opportunities for families always arise, taking the example of the Midship Detective Agency where everyone on board can work on a game to solve a mystery. Dreams do come true aboard with a fine selection of art deco decorations and elegant old-world luxury for the guests.

With lots of opportunities aboard for adults with exclusive pools, entertaining dinner shows and activities for the kids like the tech-friendly kids club, there are lots of dreams waiting to come true in a Disney Dream Cruise.

Enchantment of the Seas
This Cruise is an all new interpretation of an old one, made now to be even more appealing to guests. The opportunity inside the Enchantment of the seas is unique, now with a new 73-foot-long section, there’s a new sense of modern elements along with some old ones.

Just walking aboard this vessel offers the immediate opportunity to eat some tasty ice-cream in Ben and Jerry’s, dance some excellent Latin music at the Boleros Latin Lounge and a relaxing welcome in the Champagne bar located in the ritzy Centrum atrium.

The ship, fully decorated with glass-enclosed elevators, offers modern rooms that look great to offer some quiet rest time on the vessel. There’s also non-stop food aboard along with some sports areas on deck, pools and lots of activities that are kids-free thanks to the youth programs. Overall experience aboard feels fine, and provides a great opportunity to travelers from Baltimore to Bermuda.

Carnival Pride Cruises
Departing from Baltimore, the Carnival Pride Cruises offers a good experience for every sea lover aboard a modern and sleek design ship with 963 feet, 1,062 cabins, 14 bars and lounges for everyday fun, four pools and five hot tubs. The ship always offers active participation.

Aboard there’s 24-hour non-stop partying, food and entertainment. There’s also a large kid’s center, the Camp Carnival’s Fun Club, well equipped with toys and activities. This center is also opened for the whole family giving the opportunity for everyone to play.

The crew on the ship always meet high standards being cheerful and outgoing with every passenger. There’s a sense of joy to serve everyone on the Carnival Pride and an distinctively upbeat atmosphere.

Majesty of the Seas Cruises
The Majesty of the Sea cruises offers a 3 & 4-night affordable getaway for every family. Aboard the vessel, there is a place for the kids to enjoy when the parents are busy, with the Adventure Ocean Kids club.

Lots of things in the ship seem to have some latin influence: everything from the food with mojo variations from Cuba and Puerto Rico, to some of its venues that resemble Boleros Nightclubs. For instance, the ship is easy to navigate by every passenger on a single day of exploring.

The cabins aboard are rather small, but there’s plenty of activities to do including spending time on port, enjoying cake decorating, contests, trivia and workshops. This makes a trip to the Caribbean highly recommended and full with warm memories of the beautiful sea.

Carnival Sensation Cruises
The Carnival Sensation Cruises offers a great opportunity for first-time cruisers and families. The ship’s gets the young passengers to hop aboard the Camp Carnival while the parents enjoy other adults-only activities.

The vessel provides a great experience with a 300-foot-long corkscrew water slide, a children’s aqua park and a tropical-themed pool are. There’s also 98 balconies to the cabins and a lot of space to enjoy. Modern experience comes in hand with refreshing cabins that count with gained flat-screen TV’s and other areas like the main dining room and the piano bar. On the Carnival Sensation Cruises, a short and sweet option for vacation is fun filled with a great getaway.

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