Avalon Seine River Cruise Review

For those looking for an exceptional tour of France the recommendation of many well-healed travelers is to spend a few days in Paris and then to take a river tour on a luxury line that travels the Seine and allows for wonderful excursions, beautiful scenery and a true learning experience all in one elegant and relaxing voyage. One of the best opportunities to take a cruise of this sort is to board the Avalon Creativity. This ship is predominantly designed to handle adult tourists and is not well set up for family travel. This 140 passenger ship is designed with comfort, luxury and sightseeing in mind.

Avalon Seine River Cruise Cabins

There are 70 cabins that each hold two passengers on this ship. The majority have balconies and those rooms should be sought out. Two of these cabins are a bit larger and are suites. Rooms with smaller windows simply are not that well suited to eye level viewing along the river bank, something that this type of cruise is really set up for doing. Cabins have bathrooms stocked with your basic toiletry items and glass-doored stall showers. There is ample storage space both in the cabin proper as well as in the bathroom, nicer linens and down duvets are found in every cabin. There is a flat screen television in each cabin as well.

Avalon Seine River Cruise Dining

The dining room on the Avalon Creativity is open for one seating time for each meal. Breakfast is a full on buffet with all of the usual offerings including made to order omelets. Lunch has some self-serve items complimented by two or three entrees and an always available steak or sandwich and fries option. Dinner was delicious with several choices served daily and three options that changed each day. The alternative dining option called the Grill on the Sky deck offered up fantastic meals. Especially for lunch, but is only open to 40 passengers per meal so one must sign up early in order to enjoy this special place.

Avalon Seine River Cruise Activities

A pianist for both before and after dinner interludes is a really nice touch. Often local entertainers come aboard and share their talents in the evenings. Evening activities are not all of that plentiful and at times they are somewhat average. Daytime activities include art lectures, history lectures, port talks, and discussions on local culture. All were lively and some were downright fun. The ship provides audio walking tours and offers free headsets so that passengers can journey out and explore local areas on foot while listening to a guide direct them on an interesting adventure. There are also shore excursions available for a fee although these are often hit or miss when it comes to quality. Some are pricier than others so it is best to do some online research to make sure you are choosing an exceptional adventure rather than a dud.

Avalon Seine River Cruise Onboard Relaxation

Two lounges with small outside decks are available for a change of scenery while you watch the shoreline as you sail down the river. The forward lounge has the piano, is where you will hear lectures or perhaps take a class. The aft lounge offers shelves of books that one can borrow, board games and tables and chairs. Lounges are never locked so feel free to use them or borrow a book or game on any sleepless night or quiet early morning. Two computers are available for passengers’ use and although it is rather sporadic WIFI is free on this ship.

There is no spa on this ship and only a very small workout room with two machines is available. The cruise line’s thinking here is that you will get plenty of exercise in port each day. Many times a passenger or two will jog around the outer perimeter of the ship. There are a hot tub and many lounge chairs on the top deck where it is very nice to sit and unwind.

This cruise will take you to romantic sites, to memorials, villages, and parks where you will get a real feel for France and its countryside and people. Art lovers will want to spend some time at the home of Claude Monet. History buffs will find a trip to Normandy is well worth their time. Shoppers will delight in the small village shops and the friendly craftspeople that are willing to sell their beautiful items as great mementos of your visit.

Unforgettable scenery and charming river towns will fill your camera’s memory as you snap photo after phot from the comfort of your cabin’s balcony. You will feel like you are on a relaxing, romantic adventure through time and places in a beautiful country that demands you indulge in the finer things in life, that you laugh hard, smile often and always, always remember there is beauty in love.

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