Best Places to Visit in The Caribbean

U.S. Virgin Islands
Also known as“America’s Caribbean Paradise” , the Virgin Islands is the place where you will love moko jumbies dance, you will be relaxed and pampered, you will meet a part of history. Visit all three St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix and you will encounter luxury in St. Thomas, romance in St. John and history in St. Croix.If you want to enjoy the amazing St. Thomas’s Carnival season, then you definitely have to visit the Virgin Islands in April. Of course, you can visit and enjoy the natural beauty of the St. John beach and know more about history of St. Croix plantation at any time of the year.

Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands, a three island archipelago, is formed of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Grand Cayman is preferred by those who want a pre-planned vacation, the other two are perfect for those who love diving. If you want to stay on budget and enjoy best hotels, clear waters and white beaches then you definitely have to visit the Cayman Islands.

St. Kitts & Nevis
St. Kittis and Nevis is the new Acapulco. As famous was Acapulco in 1950, now St. Kittis and Nevis took its place, being visited by Oprah Winfrey, Britney Spears, Sylvester Stallone. Placed in the south of the Caribbean, these twin-islands are bothluxurious and breathtaking but they differ in details. The rare grayish-black sand, the seclusion, the traditional cuisine, will offer you the best vacation. Tourists who want to know more about its culture, should visit the island in June at Christmastime St. Kitts Carnival or the music festival.

Besides the white sand beach, sugar-cane fields, lush landscape, an extensive golf course or a duty- free shopping plaza, Barbados offers the experience of tasting the White Extra old and favored Mount Gay Rum. This splendid island will delight your eyes with its amazing architecture. Even if Barbados gained its independence from Great Britain in 1966, it still has some British traditions like afternoon tea and horse races. Do not hesitate to try the local roti(curried meat with vegetables covered in dough) or flying fish (steamed fish served with gravy, corn meal ).

St. Martin – St. Maarten
You will find here a variety of hotel optionsfor all budgets, best beaches, lots of activity, but is also a great place for eating. Once you are here, you have to eat at one of the lolos along the beach. Being a dual-governed island, you will experience the French and Dutch cultures at the price of one vacation. The north side, St. Martin – the French controlled side is known for party beaches and a selection of flavor cuisine. St. Maarten is the home of bars, clubs and casinos. The island’s dining, especially on the French side, is known as one of the best in the Caribbean.

St. Lucia
If you love music, especially Jazz, you have to visit St. Lucia in spring when the island is animated bythe St. Lucia Jazz Festival. Either you are a music lover, an adrenaline junkie, a couple looking for romance, this lush and exotic island will meet all the expectations. Some say you should leave your kids home because this is definitely the place for love and romance.

British Virgin Islands
“Luxurious” is the word that describes best British Virgin Islands. One of the most exclusive islands of the Caribbean, this is the ideal place for rich people who are looking for privacy and love to sail. Once you are here, you have to visit The Baths, the most charming shore in the British Virgin Islands and the exquisite Cane Garden Bay.

Turks & Caicos
Even if the hotel prices are higher than on other islands, this island offers some of the most spectacular beaches of the Caribbean. If you’re looking for the maximum comfort, this is the island you should visit.

When it comes to flight deals and discounted room prices, fishing and scuba diving excursions, Bahamas is one of the best place, but, if you don’t like crowds, you should avoid Bahamas. There are plenty of activities for families from exploring the wild nature, golfing, shopping.

Despite the fact that the area has more than 700 islands and cays, most tourists visit only the New Providence Island’s Nassau. The second most popular island, Grand Bahama is the center of ecotourism with its underwater limestone caves and botanical gardens. When you need quiet and peace, go to visit Outer Island, you will love it.

St. Barts
One of the most expensive and most elite Caribbean islands, this sophisticated French Island with its 22 white-sand beaches, is the best destination for tourists looking for luxury and intimacy and not so much for party people.

It is a safe destination for families and a great location for offshore activities lovers. Named by Spanish colonists in 1513, “the useless islands”, Aruba is now one of the most attractive islands, tempting the tourists with its outstandingly white beaches and rocky landscape. Aruba is the perfect spot for divers waiting to discover buried shipwrecks or to study the coral reefs.

Don’t forget to try some of the local food like giambo or kesio.

This is one of the islands protected from hurricanes, with great weather, warm and sunny, all year long. It is also known as an and important spot for water sports fans.

If you are passionate about history, you will find a part of history here, the historic settlements, the Dutch colonial buildings, make Curacao look like an old European city.

The mixture of colors of St. George’s harbor, the turquoise water, the soft sand, the aroma of vanilla and nutmeg and the taste of the local rum, all these will make you want visit Grenada. If you want the best weather and less crowded, you have to visit Grenada in October or November. Make sure you’ll give a try to the local cuisine, especially to “oil down”, an aromatic stew with vegetables, meat or fish, coconut milk and spices.

St. Vincent & The Grenadines
This island chain placed in the middle of the Caribbean Sea with white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons is a quiet tropical paradise. Make sure you will visit St. Vincent, the biggest island of the 32 islands chain and sail to Mustique, Canouan and Bequia, some of the Greandine’s best spots.

Even if people think of Bermuda as being an island, in reality it is an archipelago. Usually, tourists are looking here for luxury and comfort, spa-treatments and afternoon tea times. Even if it is common to see businessmen dressed in Bermuda shorts, if you want to see real high class fashion of the Caribbean, visit Puerto Rico.

If you value more the authenticity and you are into conservation of wildlife and forestry, Dominica is the best destination for you. It is considered to be one of the most pristine, wild and well-preserved place in the Western Hemisphere. Try the local food, especially their “tee-tee-ree” – small fish cakes, “conch”- a type of snail, the pumpkin soup, the crab backs and “the goat water” – a goat meat stew.

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