The Zambezi Queen Review

If you are interested in a unique African Safari adventure you really have to consider a river cruise on the Zambezi Queen. You won’t travel far, but for 2, 3, or 4 nights you will be on an incredibly luxurious river boat and nature will be all around you.

Holding only 28 passengers in her 14 well-appointed staterooms, the intimate boutique hotel style of the Zambezi Queen will keep in all of the comforts you demand on any vacation while allowing you to see the wildlife along the Chobe River and to make daily excursions into the surrounding areas for even more adventurous wildlife observations. An adventure on this ecofriendly small ship with hot water heated via solar panels and a water jet propulsion system will be one of the more memorable vacations most travelers will ever experience.

What to Expect Onboard The Zambezi Queen>

The Zambezi Queen will offer a unique onboard experience that is not like any other you have had on other river cruises. Staterooms are available in three sizes ranging from 215-300 square feet. Open air French balconies are wonderful places from which you can view river wildlife. A buffet breakfast and a sit down lunch and dinner are served in the tastefully appointed African-themed dining room that offers panoramic river views.

Guests will find a bar and a lounge on the Upper deck, a small but inviting swimming pool that is perfect for cooling off, a boutique for gift shopping, lounge chairs for getting some sun and fresh air, and a reading room with books to help you pass time while you relax.

What to See and What to Do Onboard The Zambezi Queen

Just sitting on the balcony and watching the river will bring sightings of crocodiles and the huge hippos that swim in the river. You will also see beautiful and serene river views and open spaces where wildlife may roam into view. Cruisers have reported seeing leopards come to the water’s edge for a drink and elephants crossing the river. Photo opportunities are endless. While on board you really won’t cruise much.

You will visit no ports but you will travel in smaller boats on excursions like a fishing adventure, a trip to a wildlife park or maybe a local village. Adventure awaits and the guides onboard this vessel will safely transport you as they explain the sites and help you track wildlife or find a gift in a market in a quaint village. You will enjoy amazingly delicious meals on the ship; nice box lunches can be arranged for excursions.

Things to Remember Before Your Zambezi Queen Cruise

While public areas of the ship are air conditioned the Zambezi Queen has large fans in the staterooms and mosquito netting to cover the open windows, the river breezes are really refreshing and the whir of your fan together with the sounds of the river will lull you to sleep. There is backup power only after 10PM and stargazing is amazing with the lights turned down. You will be safe, comfortable and very much at peace on this vacation adventure. Stays on this Queen are from 2-4 nights and offer an excellent way to just relax and enjoy nature and be pampered with wonderful and attentive service.

The whole cruise route is not more than 25 km. The ship goes slowly back and forth from one mooring to the other in the river as you watch nature and scenery just seem to slowly float past. This is not a pleasure cruise that port hops but rather it is meant to be your luxurious home base as you take in the sites and scenery along the river. It offers the perfect starting and ending point for river based excursions where you will see exciting new places, seemingly vast numbers of wildlife, and visit interesting villages.

You will learn about new places, people, and things without even realize you have taken in a lesson because of the amazing beauty, the newness of it all and the wonderful guides you will have on this cruise.

A note on the service on this ship is probably important. Consider yourself on African time and remember African customs and manners. Do not make fast loud requests of your servers and attendants. Remember to speak softly and politely and to take your time with requests. While you will be promptly taken care of you will find that service is not rushed or hurried. There is more of a relaxing dignity in the way you are treated and in the way the servers and attendants expect you to treat them in return. Not to worry, though; you will quickly become accustomed to and even appreciate the luxurious pace of life on this river cruise.

You will feel so relaxed, so pampered, so in tune with the river and the stars at night and life on African time that you will appreciate your attendants and the wonderful service even more than you could ever realize.

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